Office Manager/Commercial Specialist
516.248.6922 Ext: 229
Vivian provides extensive support to our commercial appraisal staff and is responsible for delivering all commercial appraisals to our clients, in both electronic and hardcopy formats. In addition, she is responsible for all fundraising databases and mailings, Department of Transportation invoicing and vouchers, County and Village SCAR Case processing, as well as the tracking and processing of trial appraisals for Nassau County Assessment review commission.
Executive Secretary/Accounting
Donna is responsible for handling day to day real estate transactions and managing office procedures and workflow.
Residential Support Services
516.248.6922 Ext: 249
Roe is our key residential support contact. Roe handles all of our client web sites (i.e.,, eAppraiseIt, AppraisalPort, Kirchmeyer, LSI, National City Mortgage, Rels Valuation, Quantrix, etc.), as well as our company's internal e-Track appraisal website, which tracks the appraisals from start to finish.
Support Services/Director Public Relations
516.248.6922 Ext: 222
Samantha handles support for both our commercial and residential business. She handles data input, processing, shipping and provides internal support to our appraisal staff. Samantha also heads up all public relations for Standard Valuation, including political events, fundraisers and all corporate events from start to finish.