Owners and Investors

Services for Owners and Investors

SVS brings owners and investors accurate, impartial valuations of properties and potential investments. From large-scale residential developments to individual condos and co-ops, no project is too big-or too small. Thanks to a combination of local market insight, expert appraisal services and proprietary cash flow analysis techniques, we deliver quick, cost-effective results.

owners and investors

We Specialize in:

  • Individual and special use property appraisal, real estate portfolio valuations
  • Investment counseling and advisory services
  • Real estate tax and assessment consulting
  • Property conversion analysis
  • Acquisition/disposition advisory services
  • Appraisal reviews
  • Advice on rent/buy scenarios
  • Real estate litigation support, arbitration and expert witness services
  • Damage and impairment analysis (condemnation, environmental, construction)
  • Leasehold valuations and market rental studies
  • Zoning, easement and land use consulting